HSLA – Archetypes of the White Female

For the Asian male, refer to here.


What you will notice the most about the humanitarian is that she gives, and relentlessly gives more. She believes in strong family values and cares for the welfare of others. Under the shy, quiet personality is a woman with the biggest heart.

What a Humanitarian needs

Nobody is closer to feeling than a humanitarian. They need to be loved and taken care of. Humanitarians are also balanced by some form of direction. Take initiative with these types, they are often unsure of things, but will happily follow along. What they are sure of is that they have the capacity to love. Remind them every day how great they are for caring about others – it will go a long way.


Ultimately we are always around people. Generally extroverted, the socialite feeds of the energy of others. The larger the crowd, the better. She will be well acquainted with popular culture and ongoing fashion trends. Being happy is very important.

What the Socialite is looking for

A socialite wants to be accepted by society. She has a strong control over her speaking and writing skills. Be careful not to be too brash, for it may be unappealing to her. Stay moderately groomed, and always be open for her suggestions of improvement.  Make sure you always appreciate her.


Highly skilled and highly educated. You will find these women in top leadership positions or pursuing professional careers. These women are not afraid to take control of the situation and ensure things are done properly. They know what they want, and they go straight for it.

What a Lioness needs

Respect is the dominant quality this Lioness is seeking. She wants to be on an equal level, and has no problem if you willingly let her stand on higher ground. Action is the key word here. There is so much to do in this world, why stop to dawdle? Establish a level of trust, transparency, and accountability. She believes in those things, and silently expects it in return.


The rarest of them all. An advocate also  includes the artists, in which they try to better society as a whole by inducing change. These people inspire others to their cause not just physically, but they can reach them on an emotional and intellectual level. Advocates understand the human nature, and carefully choose their medium of delivery.

What the Advocate seeks

An advocate wants to be understood – she is not looking to completely belong or integrate with society. Tell her she’s unique and special and remind her that’s what you truly cherish about her. Be supportive of her passions and she will return the favor to you.

Meeting your WF – Go out and get her!

Are you Really Sure?

As an Asian male, getting the guts to talk to that Caucasian female is a daunting task. There’s something about needing this absolute certainty before action is taken. In most cases I would call this analysis paralysis. We get to the point that we go through the what if scenarios that we forget to even do something. By then, you may have missed your chance.

To tell you the truth, as much as you aren’t sure about her, she also has her uncertainties too. Very rarely does she even feel one hundred percent either. It is up to you as an Asian male to take initiative.

Taking Risks

In short yes, there are always risks to doing something. Yes, you will probably get brushed off or rejected, this is completely normal. No risk, no relationship. Simple as that. This is not to say you should approach every single woman, for that would be desperation. Choose wisely and believe in yourself.

Why She Likes Men

There is a difference from being completely repulsive or slightly intriguing.

Men bring a completely different angle to a woman’s life. He can be spontaneous, funny, or charming. It’s refreshing not have to deal with a group of women at times. Sure they understand each other, but a man is who they really want to be with.

Just because you may feel physically inferior as an Asian male, you are not at a complete disadvantage. The truth is, appearances is more of a pass/fail filter than anything. Your hygiene, grooming, and physical presence just has to pass the creep filter. Pass that and you will have a much greater chance of getting to know her more.

Your Intentions

How do I make this simple? Anything that figuratively shows your male parts hanging out of your pants will result in rejection. Not only is it a complete turn off to women, it is exactly what every other guy does. Does she really want to be with just any guy? There are exceptions if that women is actually out there to maliciously hurt men, she will accept your sexual advances with the intention of completely destroying your confidence as a man.

In general, that is pretty much the use of a pick-up line that will sexually objectify her. Your job as a man is to show you genuinely respect her as a woman while making the message clear that you are interested in her.

The Mask

The mask is just a metaphor about the protective barrier we use as a person to protect ourselves from people we know on a surface level. It may even be a completely different personality than who you really are as a person. Keeping this mask on mitigates the potential heart breaks or being taken advantage of. For the most part, it is always on with the exception of deep close friends who truly know you.

Your close friends and colleagues you confide to see the real person behind that mask because you know they are genuinely interested in your emotional health and welfare. You trust them. This goes both ways as well. They also take off their mask willingly because they truly are your friends.

Therefore, to get through that mask of hers, you need to show you are genuinely interested in her, and are willing to give up something of your own – you have to take off your own mask first.

Where to Find Her

You attract the woman you want. Constantly visiting the bar or night scene will often result in women who really just want to escape from life and have a good time. This is probably not the place you want to meet someone if you want to establish a long-term loving relationship. Is there any common interest you wouldn’t mind sharing? It doesn’t have to be something completely feminine either. Baking, wine, opera, pottery, jazz, yoga, running, books, photography, or volunteering – really the list is endless.

It’s really just something that you share in common. If you happen to be attracted to each other, then even better. Go for it.

Growing Up: My Americanized Mediterranean View of Expression and Respect

Growing up in a family with Mediterranean heritage in America was not much different then most families….. mostly. Self expression was encouraged, but oftentimes family members would say things without thinking. This would often lead to confrontations that could have been avoided.  I learned early on that the expression of anger and frustration, was also allowed, and you would often find yourself overhearing “loud conversations” (as they would be so politely called) about many issues. Another difference was the level of physicality that was allowed. When your family came to visit, you would great them with a hug and/or a kiss. As a child you were always held, snuggled, kissed, and just for fun the occasional little “love tap” on the rear.

I grew up with a strong sense of morals and values, and like many cultures my mother was the caretaker of the home and the caretaker of my brother and I.  My father worked long days, like many men of his generation to support his family, and mostly watched over us at a distance.  Although, when we needed him to help with anything, he would gladly drop whenever he was doing to support us.  His top priority was also to see us be happy and well-adjusted individuals.

We were taught to respect our elders, but not because we were required to blindly follow them. Because my parents, aunts, uncles, and etc. respected us, we respected them. There was a nice balance, equality (as age appropriately as possible) between adults and children. As children or young adults, if we had logical suggestions then there was rarely a problem with authority issues.

My parent’s wanted nothing other than for me to be happy in whatever choices in life that I made, including career, spouse, and etc.  As a child, although school was often difficult for me my parents encouraged me to try my best, sought help for me when I needed it, but never pressured me to perform. Again, they wanted me to be happy, and that was what was most important to them. I applied my own pressure to do well in school, or other activities. As a child taught to think as an individual, I was deciding my own future with my parents watching over me for safety.

I didn’t realize although, how different my upbringing was until I was introduced to Asian cultures.  It never even crossed my mind that a culture would not support individual thinking, and self-expression. Nor did I think to appreciate all the good things that Eastern cultures have to offer like “self reserve” and  ” think before you act” mentality, which at times my family seemed NOT to have. So I won’t ever say one culture is better than another, or one way of thinking is preferred, but I will say that my experience growing up was the exact opposite of traditional Asian culture. So my attraction to Asian cultures and lifestyles was perhaps simply because it was different from my own. It filled a gap or replaced some of the things I disliked about my own, and ultimately I feel blending the two cultures, has made me a better person.

Born In North America – Thoughts on being Westernized.

The Canadian/American Born – Some History

Historically there are about three waves of Asians that migrated to North America seeking opportunity and also refuge from Communism. The first would be the Japanese that began with the Meiji Restoration in the late 19th century. After China was forced to open up to international society, Japan embraced Western technology to advance society. The second wave was Koreans and Vietnamese seeking refuge from communism in the mid 20th century.  During the 70’s there were many Vietnamese who escaped Vietnam in secret by boat. Some would get caught, and return to Vietnam to eventually escape again.  I actually have several friends whose parents escaped by boat and made it to Canada safely.

The third wave would come from Hong Kong. While still under British rule, many would travel to North America for education and integrate into society. Although Hong Kong has been handed back to China in 1997, much of the Asian stereotypes are often associated with the Hong Kong Chinese.

These people endured much racism, and worked extremely hard to in their studies to later become successful and well established. For their children, they dedicated their lives to provide the best of them, in hopes that they will have a much better life.

The Dual Life

Being born here means living a dual life. Exposure to Asian culture often is learned from their parents, or the extra Saturday schooling they would place their child into. All children would learn the family system, and understand what it means to respect others, especially your elders.

However, when we attended school, we were exposed to a more Western lifestyle. Not all of our friends would be Asian, but there was nothing really wrong about it. The only problem was that being raised in an Asian family often meant introversion. There is this almost internal timer that limits an Asian to speak. Unlike their fellow Caucasian peers, they would require several moments before responding. “Think before you speak” that was the motto.

Whether we were aware of it or not, we had an inherent duality of East and West.  

Like Attracts Like

The reason why Asians tend to stick together in groups is really because it is easy to identify with people who have similar values. Sports teams are formed under the common sport being played, and friends are gathered often because they are Asian.

Why was it easier? Well for starters, in most cases we had two languages to communicate in. English and our Asian language. For the longest time I hung around a group of friends who were almost exclusively Canadian Born Chinese (Hong Kong). We all shared similar values of discipline, respect, and community. The girls would share their love for Asian celebrities, while the guys would indulge in video games.

There was sometimes the token white guy who would venture into the group, but he would be openly accepted – provided that he would be open to learning Asian culture. The funny thing is that I don’t ever remember a Caucasian female ever really venturing into an Asian group. The only exception is if an Asian male of the group had a Caucasian girlfriend. Even now looking back on it, I don’t think she’d ever really feel like she would fit in with the group.

The Downsides

I would have to say the most difficult thing about being an Asian growing up in North America is finding your own unique identity. Asian parents often spoil their children of an easy road to success, but they often end up directionless.  Video games become a alternate reality to escape from the harsh society, or they work diligently to become successful, but never take an individual stance.

As an Asian male, the formula to success is just work harder.

We are so used to being told what to do, and we put our own head down and grind it out. In a sense we become merely a highly skilled technician – a functional unit. When it comes to love, we were not taught exactly how to love as a child. Even I admit, my parents really never taught me how to love. Dad was a workaholic, and worked tirelessly to provide for the family, and mom made sure the household was always running smoothly. In that case we learned from popular culture. Television, movies, as well as internet was our preferred media.

When we received bad grades, we would blessed with fear and submission into working harder. It was rarely because “I” wanted to do it. It was because “I” believed it was expected of me to do it.

Finding your Westernized Asian Man

This will come down to which type of Asian male you prefer. Refer to the TCAI post. Your common Technophile and Comedian are ubiquitous – those are the typical Asian males you will find. You might find your Technophile from his online presence, while a Comedian is usually around a social group. Find a certain interest you like, and maybe you will also find him there. Ambitious ones are generally focused, and are usually best found before they become successful. Meaning that you usually have to find them while in school and realize that they have a great future ahead of them and you are willing to wait and support them with your love.  If you are lucky enough to meet an individual, you may find him engrossed in some expressive medium. Anything to do with the arts, design, or performance – you will find them, and often alone in the world because it feels like nobody truly understands them. The main thing is to recognize that he is special and show that you want to understand him. Be patient and you will be rewarded.

Dating Men in Asia.

Here are some insights into dating men in Asia. Of course your westernized male will be different, but may also possess some of these mentalities… or none at all.

Korean Men

Due to the conservative cultural upbringing they less likely to be adventurous in relationships. Parental pressure plays a huge part, and some parents have no tolerance for having a daughter in-law from different racial background. Historically, women have been expected to give up their family when they marry, and sometimes their country. However, Korean men usually will not do the same .Their first priority is their family, especially if they are the only son.

Sometimes, along with a strong sense of nationality, they have a tendency to be very proud of themselves. Look out for those who are self-centered and male chauvinist.
There is also a strong social pressure for Korean men to get married early at the right age. So keep that in mind because either he is holding out for a lovely white women to come along, or is going through some unusual circumstances. Although there are always exceptions, venture at your own risk.

When you are dating or marrying a Korean man, you are actually dating or marrying his entire family. Due to traditional values, they respect their parents highly. Especially their mothers! The better your relationship with his family, the better your relationship with him will be.

Japanese Men

Japanese men in general are gentlemen, good providers, and workaholic. Japanese men put business in order and rarely mix business with pleasure. They are particular with mistakes and perfectionalism. Since Japanese men are expected to provide for their families, many of them dedicate a lot of time to their jobs. It wouldn’t be uncommon for Japanese men to spend late hours at the office and long hours after spending time with there co-workers and friends.

They are not direct speakers, they express their feelings (hate, love, like, dislike) through actions, gestures and hits that he is interested; soap, fruits, sweets and often times smile or wanting to talk to you more in constant basis. It is always wise to be neutral first and then show your thoughts through your actions and not by words. They understand the meaning of your action pretty fast.  So you need to pay attention to all the details that he’s giving you, and he will be doing the same to you.You can talk about anything but not  anything confrontational. They like funny, adventurous, independent and enthusiastic girls that can bring them joy.

Japanese culture places an emphasis on the importance of family, build a relationship with your partner’s relatives. In Japanese culture, a senpai is an older individual who gives guidance to a younger individual. If you meet your partner’s senpai, be polite and treat the senpai with great respect.

Chinese Men

The average Chinese man has been taught to be a submissive by his parents.Things such as playing the piano or violin, and strict enforcement of studying and practicing .Parents have a very strong role in encouraging a professional career, and do not encourage artistic ideals or self-expression. So the average Chinese man is usually introverted. Understand that dating will often play second fiddle to careers, money, and academic success. Their family and peers, and they, have such high expectations for their successes that it can be extremely difficult to force themselves away from study and classmates to go out on a date. As a white female, you’ll have to give a big push early on. Don’t forget that eye contact is considered rude.

Money and success is an obsession in China, especially in the metropolitan areas such as Hong Kong and Shanghai, so providing financial stability is a huge for a Chinese male. He will do everything in his power to make it happen, often on his own without help. Chinese women will pretty much always ask about their date’s finances, their career, and how much they earn per year, unlike western women who don’t require this in a potential mate. So do not be alarmed if he presents his financial situation to you. Understand that its part of the culture and he is only trying to impress you.

Remember, Chinese men are not emotionally driven so it takes awhile to process complex emotions involving interpersonal relationships. Mainlanders are the most conservative of them all and were raised to contribute to the society in some way, rather than with the ability to think on their own. For many Chinese men the westernized woman is intimidating and sometimes the only men who feel they are able to date highly educated women, with her own carrier and etc…, are the ones who are even higher educated then she might be.

My Early Experiences of AMWF

Three of my experiences with AMWF.

Early Childhood Friend

Reflecting back onto my childhood life, I remember having a good friend who happened to be half Chinese and half Caucasian. Being at the tender age of 4, I would have absolutely no idea on diversity of ethnicities in Canada. Born to a Chinese father and Caucasian mother, he looked perfectly normal. We did everything a typical Asian child would do – play video games for hours. I have the fondest memories sitting on the couch in front of his basement television playing NES and Super Nintendo.

It seemed perfectly normal just to have a white mother. I really didn’t know the difference. She was very loving and caring. The only Asian thing about my friend I guess was the fact that he had a Chinese last name, and had random pictures of his father doing martial arts. Somehow that reminds of Bruce Lee, except he’s like 3/4 Chinese, and 1/4 German. Did you know that?

My High School Friend

During my time in High School, I also made a female friend who happens to be half Chinese and half Caucasian. Born to a Chinese father and Caucasian mother, she had a characteristic hair color of Half-Asians, but personality wise she was much more upbeat and outgoing. It was only natural for us to be friends seeing that our older sisters were very close friends to begin with. When I met her mother, I was treated with a lot of great genuine loving warmth and respect. I can feel the glow to her smile, and the beaming  smile of her Chinese father as well. There was much love in the family.

This is something completely different from the cold detached or superficial social graces of Asian culture. Yes I admit it. I feel the lack of authenticity when I have to use a particular tone to greet others in Cantonese.

Must be an Asian thing. It only establishes respect for social order, but does not express feelings.

My First Romantic Interest

Oh the first love – ones we never forget. My first love happened to be a Caucasian girl. I still have fond memories of it all – and I remember clearly why I was so interested in her. This girl was almost everything you could ask for, she was 5″7, athletic, slender, intelligent, caring, and respectful of others. I never felt threatened by her at all. Actually I admit that’s when I started to get my act together. She was definitely smarter than me – so I began to study harder. She could outrun me – so I started to train harder. I did everything I could to make myself better. Never did she once raise her voice at me, and I always felt that she genuinely respected me as a person. No drama or clinging whatsoever, I was in love.

Once again, meeting her mother was just as great. She greeted me warmly pointed at the $10 on the kitchen table saying we could walk over to the coffee shop. Maybe this is characteristic of Caucasian moms. What kind of Asian mother would even remotely encourage that? Sadly it came to a point where my first love was moving away permanently, and we mutually agreed it was best if we ended our relationship. Even though we’ve moved on, I still remember that as my first AMWF dating experience.

TCAI – Asian Men Deconstructed

I have tried to deconstruct the types of Asian men into four separate categories. This is my interpretation on the types of Asian men. The order goes from most common to most rare. Can you guess where I belong?

The White Female Archetypes have been posted. Click here to view it.

Types of Asian Men

The Technophile

How to Spot a Technophile

The technophile contains the vast majority of Western Asians and Asians. They can be picked out immediately by their shy and reserved demeanor. Your typical t-shirt and jeans kind of guy who may choose to add in a Asian flavor such as thick framed glasses accompanying their unique hairstyles. Their minds are filled with usual and interesting random facts.

Dating Preferences

Generally introverted by nature, they strongly connect with a caring woman who really loves to pamper. That is, a woman who can cook, clean, and have patience is priceless to these archetypes.

The Comedian

How to Spot a Comedian

Appearance wise, the comedian does have similar preferences to technophiles, but the distinguishing factor is extraversion. Comedians love company. Often you will find them talkative and sometimes flirtatious. They love to experience new things

Dating Preferences

A very forgiving and patient woman will most likely please comedians. It provides a balance to their outgoing tendencies. Being physically attractive and almost helpless will certainly garner their attention. A damsel in distress will certainly receive help from the comedians.

The Ambitious

How to Spot an Ambitious

Brand labels are no stranger to the ambitious. They proudly present their achievements through their clothing, car, or also house. Sometimes there’s a slight arrogance to their outward appearances, but it’s only because they feel entitled to do so after slaving away for over a decade. They know what they want and won’t stop until they get it.

Dating Preferences

Nothing is more exciting than the thrill of the chase. Challenge your ambitious Asian male yet show him how savvy you really are. Make him beg to be with you, but of course eventually let him win. Challenges and goals in life move them forward. They also love someone complimentary that will take care of the details in life they tend to overlook. Be sure establish that he is number one.

The Individual

How to Spot an Individual

In most cases this category is overlooked due to its rarity. Creativity and expression is one of their greatest gifts. The individual rejects the notion of external expectations, and places high value on himself as an individual. They search for truth and authenticity in life. A broad, but distinctly expressive style is usually observed. These individuals are often reserved because there are so few people who truly understand them.

Dating Preferences

Authenticity above all is the most important for an individual. They want to be with someone who has their own unique separate identity, while still being communicative. Individuals want to be understood and need a woman who is physically and emotionally secure with herself. To them, a real woman has an innate ability to diffuse tense situations and have an open mind.

Dealing with Income & Wealth – AMWF Style.

Money, well finances in general seems to be a very large issue for Asian culture. I would even dare to acknowledge that these take precedence over love itself. Who would not want to be in a socioeconomic position whereby you would never have to struggle to make ends meet?

Sadly this is something that many Asians crave, status and belonging. To be in possession of luxurious goods may suggest higher social status, but often is overshadowed by arrogance and vanity. Growing up as an Asian I was taught the stoic method of dealing with non family members. Never show your emotions because people will take advantage of it.

Being raised with parents who originated from Hong Kong, I truly understand why they think that way. Hong Kong would be the closest to a free market society in the entire world. Government intervention is kept minimal to emergency services, and policing. Welfare does not exist – you must fight hard to survive. Not only do you have to work hard to survive, you have to always be careful of the con artists. Thus, the humility and stoicism carries over as a defense mechanism to ensure protection physically, and financially as well.

However, while Asian are fully capable of suppressing emotions, they too fall victim to vanity. That is, having a false sense of respect from others because of your possessions. A large house and multiple cars suggests you are well established with a good paying job. Thus, being a relationship with someone of similar socioeconomic status may seem favorable as well. In theory the chances of a successful financial future seems completely plausible. Unfortunately we run into the biggest misunderstanding of personal or family finances: income, and wealth.

Despite their similarities, we often believe these two terms are interchangeable. Income refers to the earning potential, the ability to generate revenue. This may be active such as your job, or passive like rental income or royalties. Wealth refers to all tangible and intangible elements that have potential to generate money. This may be owning a business or even pursuing post secondary education. So in a sense, wealth is the accumulation of assets, and assets generate revenue (income).

Most people have the right idea: save more than you spend. However this is a fairly tricky issue and people do dedicate their lives determining how businesses should operate by optimally allocating resources. Thus it seems plausible if you are able to earn more money with a good job, you will probably be able to afford more luxury items. So your social status is higher, and you garner more respect. Right.

What really drives my Caucasian female friends up the wall is that to them Asian families seem so adamant on determining your annual income. Even worse is that my friends had to deal with Asian families that often lacked tact using the blunt words of “how much do you make?”. Money and status isn’t everything to a Caucasian woman, they also have a very keen inner sense of emotion and feeling as well. To them, it’s almost an insult to be stereotyped for gold digging and ostracized for their low income potential. The Asian parents never ask Caucasian women about the intangibles, personal skills, their ability to love and openly communicate.

What they should be really looking for is the wealth of an individual. An individual with a hundred thousand in medical school debt may have little income, but he has a wealth of knowledge. Likewise a female may not have the highest paying job in the world, but she is happy and enjoys life. She is filled with a wealth of experiences, and often is extremely competent in managing finances as well.

So for the sake of dating your Asian man, do your best to understand finances. Become wealthy in knowledge and impress his parents with your humility and frugality.

Confidence and Communication in Asian Men: Limitations?

Many Asian men have told me without any hesitation exactly why they prefer White women as partners. They are more mature, forgiving, accepting, more fun, vivacious, confident, more in touch with their bodies, more outspoken, have character and personality. Asian men appreciate these attributes, and identify them as a preference, but why do they still feel it’s hard to have a relationship with White women? Perhaps because growing up Asian men were usually around Asian women and culture. As expected they are naturally more comfortable with Asians women and the rules of dating associated with them. Perhaps a deviation from that seems like a daunting task, or parents apply pressure to their children to follow a path that they are familiar with? Perhaps the lack of communication skills that often result from a strict and rigid Asian upbringing creates issues when initiating conversation?  Many Asian men seem to be conditioned to have the mindset that they are somehow not good enough, that they can’t communicate effectively and be as confident as other men. The truth is that this is simply doesn’t need to be case at all.

For any man, Asian or otherwise, having the confidence to take the risk and to step outside of your comfort zone can lead to great rewards. Sure, it might seem a bit intimidating, but that’s what confidence is all about. Confidence is not being something you’re not, but it’s about using what you’ve got to your best advantage. If you’re a little shy, its OK, be shy, but don’t be afraid to show her who you are. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, so do don’t feel pressure to perform perfectly every time you try to initiate a relationship with white women. Often times you will find that white women will appreciate your effort and are happy to talk with you. Of course there are methods to approaching women effectively, but in general it’s best to be yourself.  Show her that you are someone who is confident, smart, respectful, and can communicate as well as any man. Asian men sometimes feel that the odds are stacked against them when it comes to dating White women, but in reality it’s only as difficult as the limitations we set upon ourselves.

The AMWF Relationship: Cultural Barriers Removed.

When you look at the history of interracial relationships, Asian male and white female ( AMWF )seemed to be few and far in between. In comparison, Asian female and white male relationships (WMAF) were much more common, and have been around much longer throughout history.  So why has the Asian male and white female relationship been so scarce?  Many have attributed this to the fact that Asian men are more hesitant to approach a white female than they are an Asian female?  Perhaps they do not have the social skills, or are more comfortable with something familiar?  Afraid of rejection or a fear that a stereotype and maybe placed upon them, or holding them back. Perhaps language is a barrier?  For these and many other reasons, the Asian male and white female relationship has taken its time in becoming a common relationship.

As we have become a more global economy and a more global world, language is becoming less of a barrier, and biases of cultural differences seem a thing of the past. As individuals immigrated out of Asia into western societies, their cultural influences slowly became part of the westernized world.  And in turn, westernized culture has made its way into Asia. Many individuals choose to live and work in Asian countries, and many prefer that way of life than their previous one.  The food, behaviors, martial arts, dramas, and anime, have become extremely prevalent in much of the westernized world, that it makes sense that women have become more interested in Asian men.  Although there may be some cultural differences between Asia and westernized world, these differences have become less intimidating, or even less of an issue altogether.  As we begin to share cultures we realize how similar we are to each other, as human beings.The line which was once a drawn for us, which defined races and served as a barrier  keeping  the  eastern  and western  societies apart is beginning to blur. It’s about time!