Perceptions of Asian men in the westernized world of dating.

There seems to be some confusion when it comes to the perception of Asian men.  In the past, they have been portrayed as nerdy, shy, awkward, and lack the social skills to fair well in the westernized world of dating.  On the other hand, the image that is portrayed in Japan and Korea paints a picture of men who are competent, expressive, and possess the means to capture any woman’s heart. The image of these Korean and Japanese actors, anime, and pop singers perhaps is a standard that is although attractive to white women, is an unrealistic representation of how the average Asian man really is?

If traditional Asian culture does not support the expression of self and feeling, then how are they expected to be able to communicate with white women?  The idea of love in Asian cultures, and of having passion for another individual seem to be something that is not taught, then how can an Asian man seek to please a white woman?  If women are seen as delicate flowers which need to be submissive, and not a combined persona of strength and beauty, how well can any Asian man fair in the western world? If these traditional ideals and teachings were something that the Asian male prefers, then perhaps he is not suited for a westernized companion.  But as, like most of Asia today, the traditional cultural standards are changing, and men are indeed learning to be more expressive, and passionate, which is giving them any equal playing field when dating white women.  How equal is this playing field, is the real question.

As we move towards a world which blends east and west, as women are more interested in eastern cultures, I believe Asian men do have the capacity, and ability to be competitive in the dating arena.  Perhaps most Asian men had not considered that they have the choice to date and marry white women.  That these values, morals, hard work ethic, and polite behaviors that are common of their Asian ancestry and upbringing, are indeed attractive to white women.  As language no longer becomes a barrier, Asian men and white women are free to communicate with each other in ways that perhaps our ancestors could not. As we as humans begin to put cultural differences aside, as the idea of race becomes unimportant in the dating arena, Asian men will undoubtedly find themselves as strong competitors.  So perhaps although the image that is portrayed of a more westernized Asia has opened a window for which Asian men can begin to put aside insecurities, or doubts, and confidently pursue white women.  Whether or not the image that is portrayed in Japan and Korea is a true representation of the average Asian male, it does attracted the attention of white women.  Therefore Asian men should take the opportunity to utilize the open door that is before them, and confidently pursue white women.

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