The AMWF Relationship: Cultural Barriers Removed.

When you look at the history of interracial relationships, Asian male and white female ( AMWF )seemed to be few and far in between. In comparison, Asian female and white male relationships (WMAF) were much more common, and have been around much longer throughout history.  So why has the Asian male and white female relationship been so scarce?  Many have attributed this to the fact that Asian men are more hesitant to approach a white female than they are an Asian female?  Perhaps they do not have the social skills, or are more comfortable with something familiar?  Afraid of rejection or a fear that a stereotype and maybe placed upon them, or holding them back. Perhaps language is a barrier?  For these and many other reasons, the Asian male and white female relationship has taken its time in becoming a common relationship.

As we have become a more global economy and a more global world, language is becoming less of a barrier, and biases of cultural differences seem a thing of the past. As individuals immigrated out of Asia into western societies, their cultural influences slowly became part of the westernized world.  And in turn, westernized culture has made its way into Asia. Many individuals choose to live and work in Asian countries, and many prefer that way of life than their previous one.  The food, behaviors, martial arts, dramas, and anime, have become extremely prevalent in much of the westernized world, that it makes sense that women have become more interested in Asian men.  Although there may be some cultural differences between Asia and westernized world, these differences have become less intimidating, or even less of an issue altogether.  As we begin to share cultures we realize how similar we are to each other, as human beings.The line which was once a drawn for us, which defined races and served as a barrier  keeping  the  eastern  and western  societies apart is beginning to blur. It’s about time!

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