TCAI – Asian Men Deconstructed

I have tried to deconstruct the types of Asian men into four separate categories. This is my interpretation on the types of Asian men. The order goes from most common to most rare. Can you guess where I belong?

The White Female Archetypes have been posted. Click here to view it.

Types of Asian Men

The Technophile

How to Spot a Technophile

The technophile contains the vast majority of Western Asians and Asians. They can be picked out immediately by their shy and reserved demeanor. Your typical t-shirt and jeans kind of guy who may choose to add in a Asian flavor such as thick framed glasses accompanying their unique hairstyles. Their minds are filled with usual and interesting random facts.

Dating Preferences

Generally introverted by nature, they strongly connect with a caring woman who really loves to pamper. That is, a woman who can cook, clean, and have patience is priceless to these archetypes.

The Comedian

How to Spot a Comedian

Appearance wise, the comedian does have similar preferences to technophiles, but the distinguishing factor is extraversion. Comedians love company. Often you will find them talkative and sometimes flirtatious. They love to experience new things

Dating Preferences

A very forgiving and patient woman will most likely please comedians. It provides a balance to their outgoing tendencies. Being physically attractive and almost helpless will certainly garner their attention. A damsel in distress will certainly receive help from the comedians.

The Ambitious

How to Spot an Ambitious

Brand labels are no stranger to the ambitious. They proudly present their achievements through their clothing, car, or also house. Sometimes there’s a slight arrogance to their outward appearances, but it’s only because they feel entitled to do so after slaving away for over a decade. They know what they want and won’t stop until they get it.

Dating Preferences

Nothing is more exciting than the thrill of the chase. Challenge your ambitious Asian male yet show him how savvy you really are. Make him beg to be with you, but of course eventually let him win. Challenges and goals in life move them forward. They also love someone complimentary that will take care of the details in life they tend to overlook. Be sure establish that he is number one.

The Individual

How to Spot an Individual

In most cases this category is overlooked due to its rarity. Creativity and expression is one of their greatest gifts. The individual rejects the notion of external expectations, and places high value on himself as an individual. They search for truth and authenticity in life. A broad, but distinctly expressive style is usually observed. These individuals are often reserved because there are so few people who truly understand them.

Dating Preferences

Authenticity above all is the most important for an individual. They want to be with someone who has their own unique separate identity, while still being communicative. Individuals want to be understood and need a woman who is physically and emotionally secure with herself. To them, a real woman has an innate ability to diffuse tense situations and have an open mind.

10 Responses to TCAI – Asian Men Deconstructed

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  5. cheung3fung says:

    Lets me guess, Sociology majors?

  6. AMWF Love says:

    That’s a negative.

    I used to study mainly bacteria and DNA. 🙂

    – Brian

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  9. Sean says:

    Thanks for this article! Suppose I fit a mixture of 3 of these things? How should I go about that?

    • AMWF Love says:

      Hi Sean,

      Everyone has traits of all four archetypes – but some exude stronger primary characteristics than others. There is a unique blend for everyone and once you understand where you tend to gravitate on TCAI you can continue to path – or make changes.

      I think the point is the recognize that there are many types of Asian Men out there, and separating them into four archetypes is a better model that just the general stereotypical Asian geek. It isn’t perfect, but certainly much more clear.

      – Brian

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