Dating Men in Asia.

Here are some insights into dating men in Asia. Of course your westernized male will be different, but may also possess some of these mentalities… or none at all.

Korean Men

Due to the conservative cultural upbringing they less likely to be adventurous in relationships. Parental pressure plays a huge part, and some parents have no tolerance for having a daughter in-law from different racial background. Historically, women have been expected to give up their family when they marry, and sometimes their country. However, Korean men usually will not do the same .Their first priority is their family, especially if they are the only son.

Sometimes, along with a strong sense of nationality, they have a tendency to be very proud of themselves. Look out for those who are self-centered and male chauvinist.
There is also a strong social pressure for Korean men to get married early at the right age. So keep that in mind because either he is holding out for a lovely white women to come along, or is going through some unusual circumstances. Although there are always exceptions, venture at your own risk.

When you are dating or marrying a Korean man, you are actually dating or marrying his entire family. Due to traditional values, they respect their parents highly. Especially their mothers! The better your relationship with his family, the better your relationship with him will be.

Japanese Men

Japanese men in general are gentlemen, good providers, and workaholic. Japanese men put business in order and rarely mix business with pleasure. They are particular with mistakes and perfectionalism. Since Japanese men are expected to provide for their families, many of them dedicate a lot of time to their jobs. It wouldn’t be uncommon for Japanese men to spend late hours at the office and long hours after spending time with there co-workers and friends.

They are not direct speakers, they express their feelings (hate, love, like, dislike) through actions, gestures and hits that he is interested; soap, fruits, sweets and often times smile or wanting to talk to you more in constant basis. It is always wise to be neutral first and then show your thoughts through your actions and not by words. They understand the meaning of your action pretty fast.  So you need to pay attention to all the details that he’s giving you, and he will be doing the same to you.You can talk about anything but not  anything confrontational. They like funny, adventurous, independent and enthusiastic girls that can bring them joy.

Japanese culture places an emphasis on the importance of family, build a relationship with your partner’s relatives. In Japanese culture, a senpai is an older individual who gives guidance to a younger individual. If you meet your partner’s senpai, be polite and treat the senpai with great respect.

Chinese Men

The average Chinese man has been taught to be a submissive by his parents.Things such as playing the piano or violin, and strict enforcement of studying and practicing .Parents have a very strong role in encouraging a professional career, and do not encourage artistic ideals or self-expression. So the average Chinese man is usually introverted. Understand that dating will often play second fiddle to careers, money, and academic success. Their family and peers, and they, have such high expectations for their successes that it can be extremely difficult to force themselves away from study and classmates to go out on a date. As a white female, you’ll have to give a big push early on. Don’t forget that eye contact is considered rude.

Money and success is an obsession in China, especially in the metropolitan areas such as Hong Kong and Shanghai, so providing financial stability is a huge for a Chinese male. He will do everything in his power to make it happen, often on his own without help. Chinese women will pretty much always ask about their date’s finances, their career, and how much they earn per year, unlike western women who don’t require this in a potential mate. So do not be alarmed if he presents his financial situation to you. Understand that its part of the culture and he is only trying to impress you.

Remember, Chinese men are not emotionally driven so it takes awhile to process complex emotions involving interpersonal relationships. Mainlanders are the most conservative of them all and were raised to contribute to the society in some way, rather than with the ability to think on their own. For many Chinese men the westernized woman is intimidating and sometimes the only men who feel they are able to date highly educated women, with her own carrier and etc…, are the ones who are even higher educated then she might be.

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