HSLA – Archetypes of the White Female

For the Asian male, refer to here.


What you will notice the most about the humanitarian is that she gives, and relentlessly gives more. She believes in strong family values and cares for the welfare of others. Under the shy, quiet personality is a woman with the biggest heart.

What a Humanitarian needs

Nobody is closer to feeling than a humanitarian. They need to be loved and taken care of. Humanitarians are also balanced by some form of direction. Take initiative with these types, they are often unsure of things, but will happily follow along. What they are sure of is that they have the capacity to love. Remind them every day how great they are for caring about others – it will go a long way.


Ultimately we are always around people. Generally extroverted, the socialite feeds of the energy of others. The larger the crowd, the better. She will be well acquainted with popular culture and ongoing fashion trends. Being happy is very important.

What the Socialite is looking for

A socialite wants to be accepted by society. She has a strong control over her speaking and writing skills. Be careful not to be too brash, for it may be unappealing to her. Stay moderately groomed, and always be open for her suggestions of improvement.  Make sure you always appreciate her.


Highly skilled and highly educated. You will find these women in top leadership positions or pursuing professional careers. These women are not afraid to take control of the situation and ensure things are done properly. They know what they want, and they go straight for it.

What a Lioness needs

Respect is the dominant quality this Lioness is seeking. She wants to be on an equal level, and has no problem if you willingly let her stand on higher ground. Action is the key word here. There is so much to do in this world, why stop to dawdle? Establish a level of trust, transparency, and accountability. She believes in those things, and silently expects it in return.


The rarest of them all. An advocate also  includes the artists, in which they try to better society as a whole by inducing change. These people inspire others to their cause not just physically, but they can reach them on an emotional and intellectual level. Advocates understand the human nature, and carefully choose their medium of delivery.

What the Advocate seeks

An advocate wants to be understood – she is not looking to completely belong or integrate with society. Tell her she’s unique and special and remind her that’s what you truly cherish about her. Be supportive of her passions and she will return the favor to you.

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    You guys should also link to the site: http://www.speakingofchina.com/ as part of the “AMWF community”

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