Why are White Women Attracted to Asian Men?

Many people have asked me that exact same question, and often times I find myself running through a list of stereotypical traits that Asian men are usually associated with. But what’s the real draw? Is it the black hair? Educational level? Smooth skin? Cultural values? Slanting eyes? Personality and character traits? Or is it something more?

Why WF decide to date an AM exclusively

When a WF decides to dates an AM exclusively, she is looking for a set of specific things that she often time cannot find in a WM. Firstly, I would have to say the main reason she chose this relationship is because of the interest in Asian cultures and the quest to be unique and different in her relationship choice. If she wanted to date a WM she would, but she may simply want to experience culturally something different then what she’s always known. Secondly, she may have had bad experiences with dating within her own race and based on cultural stereotypes ( such as higher level of education, work and family ethics), AM seem like a  relatively better option then what she has experienced in the past. Thirdly, the attraction to the exotic look which AM often have is just naturally interesting to her, and she is looking for a “better-looking mate” than would be possible within the white community.

What WF think about race and AM

Many WF have told me that they find AM to be more respectful and tuned into a woman’s needs and desires, tend to be equals in terms of attractiveness, education, income level, goals, etc, and that they naturally complement each other very well. Also, of the white women I know that date or are married to AM, none of them have told me they have any specific preoccupation with race in general nor do they have some weird expectations about being with an AM. No matter what race, women know some things are just universal about men and this applies to the AM as well.

What do I think?

Personally I feel like I tend to have higher standards when choosing the AM as a partner. Perhaps this is not the case for all WF that are attracted to AM. Maybe having “higher standards” is not fair for me to place upon the AM. Perhaps my perception of them has been influenced by anime, dramas, and stereotypes. But if a higher level of education, work and family ethics, and respectful personalities, mixed with exotic looks are even slightly accurate, I wanted in on that. And in all honesty, for most AM you will find exactly that.

One Response to Why are White Women Attracted to Asian Men?

  1. Matt says:

    Great post! I feel the majority of WF have not experienced or seen anything cool about an AM and because this, many will not date or have a relationship with AM no thanks to the negative stereotypes from the media (who are owned by white men and Jews) who seem to control everything, no offense to any Jewish women who like AM, but I’m just saying. The only women who are into AM are mostly the liberals (like African American women because of the same struggle) and some conservatives (but rare).

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