Asian Prince Charming

Guys you have heard this before. A woman wants a prince charming to sweep her off her feet and take her away to live happily ever after. Life is not a fairytale, right, but women deep down inside are actually looking for their version of a prince charming.  You see guys, the problems that you mite be having when your simply trying to get to know a girl may not always have to do with you. Sometimes it’s about her. Sound confusing, let me explain.

The problem I often find is that some women have no idea what a prince charming even looks like! I have found that men who really truly want a committed relationship, they listen to their own “gut instincts” without the complications of expectations about what his” ideal” women would be. No, you never see guys passing notes in study hall telling their friends how they want a girl with X,Y,Z traits and characteristics. But I bet you have seen girls do it, I did it myself when I was young. Somehow as women we start creating our ideal man, before we even really know what that is. We see many guys that are attractive to us, but sometimes we can’t seem to discriminate between who’s actually the prince charming material and whose not. So how is a guy supposed to be a prince charming when she doesn’t ever know what she wants? Good question and here is the answer.

It really comes down to understanding what you need, not what “you think” you need.  I always encourage women (and men) to take the time to really understand themselves as a person. What are your values, morals, goals and etc.  Without this knowledge, women could be looking at a man who would be a perfect complement to her personality, and she would pass him by. Why? Because she can’t see him. She has no idea that he is what she is looking for. She only thinks about the “ideal man” she thinks she “needs”. Great, you say… so how am I supposed to get her to see that which I already know I need, which is her, but she needs to see that she needs me…wait… huh? Confusing, yes.. I know…but here is what you can do.

As women we want to know our man will be committed to us, so in a way we want him to step up and prove his love. Ya see, sometimes its like you have to snap her out of her dreamy fantasy haze and say hey look at me… I love you…..I want you… I’ll step up for you….I want to be the one to do that for you, because I know you’re the one for me.  You just need to say it! I bet your thinking that doesn’t work, that’s just a theory. I know guys who have tried to tell a girl that he likes her and she turns him down. Ok, so then she was not right for him and he’s learned something about himself. He will think twice before he dose that again. Listen though, if you are sure, I mean 100% sure, not settling for anything in that choice, then you’ll be surprised how much your words will mean to her.

Even I needed to be shown!!… me!…of all people….you’d assume I’d know it when I saw it, but I really didn’t! .. I really didn’t see it when it was right in front of me. It took a persistent, patient, family oriented, and communicative man to show me what I really needed.  He was the type of guy who took the time to really consider his choice and all its implications, before he decided to make a move. Honestly if he wasn’t that way, and if he didn’t make the move, then I would have ended up someplace every different.

So a fairytale… no….  A  reality, yes……My prince charming, has almond shaped eyes, dark spiky hair, and eats rice …. Sound familiar?

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