Expressing Yourself as an Asian Male

In modern times, the identity of the male is rather confusing. Historically the ones who were deemed as favorable were the strong alpha types. A man had to be physically strong to survive the daily rigors of hard labor.  These days, in addition to hard labor, there has been a rising workforce of technical and knowledge professionals. Asian men for the most part suffer from a lack of physical strength and are often encouraged by their parents to pursue professional careers. Unfortunately while engrossed in our studies we often forget how to communicate and express with another person. This is exactly what a White Female needs.

Decoding the Asian Male

Mmmm. Yep. Yes. Uhhh.

This is the classic monosyllabic response for the Asian male. It may be a blessing of peacefulness, but at the same time it drives the White Female crazy. The reason being is that they are raised in a strong expressive culture. When the White Female is happy, her face will brighten up with a noticeable smile and soft eyes.  She is expressive, verbally and also non-verbally.

Pay attention males, the majority of communication is not about what you say (your words) but your non-verbal cues. Your body language, your tone, and how you say things. The fundamental problems is  the fact that Asians are a bit most reserved. Asian males just seem to appear the same. If he’s mellow, hungry, or sad he still looks the same. If not known by the female, she will be driven up the wall. To her it will seem like you are always angry or upset at her, when you are just feeling neutral or calm. The love she usually feels from her family isn’t quite there when around you. The good thing is that this can be worked on.

Letting Her Know How You Really Feel

Having verbal intimacy with your White Female is something that will absolutely win her heart. This connection with her runs so deep that no other male can compete. Yes of course she has verbal intimacy with her best female friend, but to her, you are the man she truly wants to be with to share everything. Proper communication with her establishes the fact that you want to be with her and you need her loving and caring. She wants to give, but you have to let her.

Telling her is not going to cut it. You need complete openness to it. This means turn off the video game,  put down the newspaper, and look at her face to face to tell her how your day really went. Of course maybe that was a bit overboard, but really, even fifteen minutes is plenty. You pretty much removed all the methods of you wanting to escape, and you’re confronting the situation head on as a male. How manly.

Sometimes you might not be able to see her in person, but it is also possible over the phone as well. What you need to convey to her is that you don’t want “the problem solved”, what you want from her is to tell her “you give me strength”.  This does go both ways, so all my female readers out there, remind him he’s doing a good job at things, and encourage him. Don’t tell him what to do all the time – that would be nagging, and that will shut down any male.

Beyond the Overused Phrases

I love you. I miss you.

Just as it is important to say that to her, it’s really your method of communicating that to her that counts. Of course they like hearing that, but how does that compare to :

  • Bringing dinner over to the office when she’s completely swamped and has to stay late at work
  • Turning off your cell phone, putting away the PSP or Nintendo DS while you attend a gathering with friends
  • Sending a text message asking how her day went
  • Magically having a pair of flat shoes for her after a long night of walking in stilettos

See? It’s really the little things that count.

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