I decided to go out to eat at my favorite Asian bistro. As I got out of the car and was making my way through the sea of cars in the parking lot, I heard a friendly hello. I looked up, and I saw a middle-aged Asian man appear from behind a black SUV. A friendly exchange happened between him and my husband. Soon their relationship became apparent.. ah…. they were co-workers. After a second of brief chatter, his wife appeared next to him. I was happy to see that she was Caucasian. She smiled at us both and we exchanged greeting.  They were also going out to eat that evening, and oddly enough were going to a restaurant next door to the bistro. We walked together as far as the sidewalk and said our goodbyes. I turned and said to my husband, “They are an AMWF couple like us!”. They seemed like such a happy and friendly couple. A couple that had a history of longevity together and naturally worked well together. It made me smile.

We were easily seated at our table and immediately I looked over that the bar area of the bistro. At first I had no idea why, but I soon found out. Sitting together was another AMWF couple. This couple was different from my encounter of 5 minutes ago. They were younger, maybe early 30’s, and were casually having drinks. He was the typical clean cut type of Asian man, with glasses, khakis, and a button down shirt. She was a tall, probably his height, dirty blond in jeans, heals, and dress shirt. She was a good looking woman.  But what was interesting about them was the way they interacted. He quietly talked to her, slowly taking sips of his beer, was a bit reserved in his manners, and was shyly smiling at her. She on the other hand she was smiling brightly, laughing at what he was saying, and made lots of eye contact. She was sitting next to him, and had her body positioned on the chair so that she could directly face him. Her feet were placed on the bottom rungs of his chair rather then her own, and she was also leaning toward him. “Look!” I said to my husband! “Look how into him she is!”  She was giving him all the classic signs that she was interested, and he was certainly but quietly enjoying the attention.

Soon after receiving our food, the couple left. A few AFWM couples came and went. I realized this was one of those times where you just stop… take a breath…. and take in what you just witnessed. I just met a happily married middle aged couple, and witnessed a couple who was just starting a relationship. But those couples, they were not any ordinary couples, they were AMWF couples!

4 Responses to AMWF Love

  1. katelovekj says:

    Hey! Love your blog! It’s nice seeing other amwf couples out there! I just started a blog too about my experiences in becomming a Korean wife 🙂 Nice to see other couples writing!

    • AMWF Love says:

      Thanks so much for your comment! My husband is Vietnamese ( hes not the co-author of this page although) and I love him ! I love your web page! You two are both so cute! It is great to see another AMWF couple as well!!

      Best wishes

  2. Toan says:

    Thanks for sharing, Laura! You are a great storyteller.

    Lately, I have noticed more AMWF couples than I would in the past. There’s nothing unusual about that, except for the fact that I see them mostly at Panera Bread. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. lol My yearly check-up is past due, so maybe I was seeing things…..or not.

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