How to Attract Asian Guys

I talk to many women and they all tell me the same things. They are interested in Asian men but don’t know how to approach them, or even if they can approach them. They worry if he will even be receptive to their advances, and wonder if he had ever considered dating outside his race. So I thought I would make what sometimes can be a complicated thing, simple. Here are some tricks of the trade which have worked for me. Enjoy!

Firstly, it is a good idea to let him know you date outside your ethnicity. Some Asian men are hesitant to ask you out because they think you probably only date men in your own ethnic group. Crazy right… so many women think Asian men don’t want to date them, when they actually do. A good way to let him know you’re interested is to casually mention it. I always like to say that I find “Asian men sexy”… anything like that will do the trick, and he will get the picture that race is not an issue for you in your relationship choices.

Secondly, expressing an interest in his culture and background will also make him feel at home and comfortable. Perhaps you enjoy eating Asian foods, maybe you’ve mastered the use of chopsticks, and know about his particular culture. All that will help and give you some common things to talk about. Your interest in his native language and even asking him to help you learn it will get his attention. Plus if you let him know how sexy he sounds when he speaks to you, he will love it all the more. If your prospective Asian male is of the westernized type, doing these things will still be appreciated as it shows a respect to his heritage and also will make him feel more comfortable when it comes time to meet the family.

Thirdly, let him know that you’re interested in him for him, not just because he is Asian. You want him to know that you are attracted to him for the person he is. The best way to do this is to just straight up tell him you like X,Y,Z about him. “Hey Steven, I love the way you are always so thoughtful”. It’s really not all that difficult and as much as women love compliments, men do to. Men want you to be open and honest with them.

Lastly, taking the first steps and making contact is never a bad thing. Sometime as women we feel that the guy needs to do all the work, but in reality I have never met a man, Asian or otherwise, that would not want to talk to a girl. So feel free to invite him out as part of a group, or spend some a one-on-one time getting coffee or tea. Since typically Asian men prefer women who are a little less aggressive in nature, when you invite him out you show him that not only you are interested in him, but it gives him the that opportunity to ask you out on a more formal date. Once you have got his attention let him pursue you, because in all honesty for any man that’s half the fun.

One Response to How to Attract Asian Guys

  1. Kiewiee says:

    thanks for this. I was always doubting myself whether to make the first movement or not…. I guess I will try few of the things you mentioned and see how it goes. Thank you. ^^

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