Western Women and Foreign Asian Men

So there has been a lot of talk, articles, and some books instructing and encouraging Asian men in the art of attracting a westernized female.  But rarely do you see anything directed specifically at westernized women who are interested in Asian men. So I thought I would explore this topic a bit, because it seems to me that women should play a big part in attracting an Asian male as well.

Let’s take a step back and think about how the average Asian male is presented in westernized society. In movies and TV, Asian men are mostly seen as side kicks, gangsters, martial artists, and anything but the type of guy that would come along and romance a westernized women.  So when it comes to a women’s natural instinct to be attracted to a sexually competent man, Asian men have not taken center stage in this regard (even though we know Asian men are just as good lovers as any man).  Further, when it comes to a man’s physical appearance, westernized culture has taught women to look for tall, well dressed, men with more stereotypically masculine features. Again we often find that some Asian men are shorter then the average westernized women, thinner in body build, and have less stereotypical masculine features then their white male counterparts. Despite all this, many women actually find these more traditional characteristic of Asian men attractive. Yes, really, I am not joking…How many times do I hear women say I love Asian eyes, hair, and features? How many times do I hear westernized women say they are interested in Asian cultures?  I hear it quite often.

So as a women what’s stopping us from taking that step to talk to an Asian man we may find attractive? Traditionally men were supposed to make the first move, initiate contact, but this is a modern era where women are running companies, and changing the world! So as far as I am concerned there is no excuse for not approaching a man when you are interested. Most westernized women are raised to be friendly and confident, so you go girl! Ok wait, that’s all well and good, but what if I don’t know how he will respond to me. Maybe he still has a traditional way of thinking and would never consider being with a westernized women. What if he has some feelings of inferiority because I make more money then him? (Which can often happen for those men who live in china, and etc..) What if he has had a bad experience with other westernized women? Would he even be willing to give me a chance?

Theses are questions I know run through every woman’s mind when she is interested in a man from Asia. No matter how much she may know about the culture, language, foods, and etc, she still has reservations. The same reservations an Asian man may have about westernized females.  So, when you really look at the situation its kind of funny because the very things that we are attracted to are the things that sometimes keep us from making that move to talk to that guy.  If you have ever talked to any AMWF couples you will find that there is usually never a problem with blending cultures, that each is open and accepting of each other. They are dedicated and committed to a long lasting relationship, and are willing to work hard to keep each other happy. So let me ask you, what is stopping you from removing the barriers of stereotypes, from talking to that cute Asian guy….nothing… right!

4 Responses to Western Women and Foreign Asian Men

  1. Zacky says:

    great article, Laura, in fact, I think all types of girls are educated to be passive when it comes to approaching, vice versa, guys should be more active….lol…. you should be a dating coach

    One thing hinders Asian men is some Asian men would probably think western girls are very open-minded, they are really experienced on dating, so some Asian men are afraid that those western girls don’t have the characteristics of being traditional Asian girls.

    oh, another thing is it’s said that divorce rate is a lot higher in the west, many Asian men think those western girls are likely to get married and then divorce easily, in Asia, divorce rate in’t that high, they may many traditional Asian couples are just good match as opposed to interracial couples。

    So, what do you think?

    • AMWF Love says:

      Hey Zacky,

      Thank you for this input.
      Yes the divorce rate is higher because it is acceptable to leave someone if you are not happy.I always wondered how happy other people are in the word, and I am not sure that a low rate of divorce is a good indicator of a “happy marriage”. It is interesting that men in Asia may see this as an indicator that western women are not committed, because most are.
      I think many western women are not all experienced in dating, but have the resources to find out how, or are open minded enough to seek out information. But I think Asian men should remember that open-minded women are the ones that want to learn about another culture, and will behave appropriately as need.

  2. TCG says:

    The kicker is that Chinese men in their teens are used as cheap labour ( often by their parents) when their peers are outside learning social skills.

    Also a ton of myths pervade about how Chinese men beat their wives, small dick. In the Uk there is ONE killer handcap to all this. Chnese people can’t drink much before passing out due to a missing enzyme. UK women like to drink and I mean DRINK. I’ve seen men AND women using whole bottles of wine as if they are bottles of beer.

    • Zacky says:

      Chinese can’t drink? Hahah, that’s so laughing, tbh, the first thing to be an authentic qualified Chinese is to know how to drink, because building up Chinese strong relationship-guanxi is all about how to drink, which is so important to Chinese, also it’s a typical traditional way in terms of Chinese socialization. Many Chinese people they drink crazily, they not only drink beers, also drinking white spirits, which is just like vodka, whisk and brandy in western culture. If you come to China and look around in some street restaurants, tons of Chinese can be classified to those professional drinkers, more powerful than those British alcoholic hooligans, haha, and they are really crazy about drinking competition and gambling while having meals there.

      Personally, I don’t drink too much, only if I have to drink some socially, but it doesn’t mean I can’t drink, I drink some red wines occasionally, because it is said that it’s somehow good for human’s body, btw, I never go to beer bars or pubs those areas, and China has strict law about selling beers from liquor stores and some areas mentioned before, minors are not allowed to drink and buy liquors either just like America, even though some beers are extremely cheap here, well, I am glad to see most Chinese people are not like some crazy British alcoholic hooligans here, but I found many UK people drink and smoke insanely. also, they brought a really bad image to their country as many ppl know that here.

      There are some festivals like German Munich beer festivals held in some Chinese cities each year, I’ve got some famous historic wines from there, and I will wait for its value going up and selling it when I am getting older, sometimes, buying those liquors are also like good investments to me as I believe, while some people are just willing to waste too much money on buying many normal beers…sigh…and I think it’s not really worth!

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