White Girls Use Chopsticks

I was eating at a typical Asian western restaurant, and I took a minute to look around at the masses of white people enjoying Americanized versions of what is Asian food. Now to me I try and avoid this westernized version. A plate of fried noodles, fried rice, and fried chicken wings is not Asian food. Not only is that not what Asia has to offer when it comes to its culinary creations and traditions, but it’s just bad for you. I myself enjoy white rice, steamed vegetables, any kind of marinated grilled meats, steamed buns, noodle bowls, maki rolls, and anything healthy that my westernized pallet can handle. Anyway, but what really struck me as odd was the fact that most people don’t use chopsticks. Not only that, but these westernized Asian restaurants do not usually offer them. Yes, you have to ask your server for if you want to use them.

Ok…. so the average white person can’t use chopsticks to save their life, and I guess the Americanized restaurants just don’t bother. Honestly I feel bad when I see someone trying to use them because it occurred to me that no one has taken the time to show them how. It’s really not rocket science, just hold them at the very end and you will have better control at the tip. But I see so many people holding them in the middle of the chopsticks, and they wonder why it seems so hard to use?  I was taught by my lovely Asian hubby and it maybe took me 2 days to master it. I practiced by picking up a grain of rice, and I didn’t even bother with larger foods. I figured if I could master that right away, I could use them for anything. Which I can… plus I mean if a 5 year old kid in china can use it, I better be able to also. Actually I use them more often then he does, as he says that a fork is just more efficient. Perhaps he is correct, but I refuse to eat my Ramen with a fork, the chopsticks work so much better.

Usually I go to the small family style Asian restaurants, you know, the kind where the owners talk to you. The reasonably priced ones, not fancy, and have the best traditional comfort foods that Asia has to offer. The kind of place where tea is always free as part of your meal, and chopsticks are already on the table. The last time I was at a place like this, an adorable middle aged Asian lady who served us told me that I use chopsticks better then she does. No joke! I felt so happy about her acceptance and approval. It made me feel so proud that as a white female, I can be comfortable in a culture that was not originally my own. Also, she seemed to think we were a cute couple.

So can white girls eat at traditional Asian family style restaurants and fit in… yes they can, and can she use her chopsticks just as well ( or even better) then anyone else… hell yes!

2 Responses to White Girls Use Chopsticks

  1. I love eating with chopsticks! And yep, I’m white.


  2. Tara says:

    This post made me laugh : ) Asians seem to be amazed when non-Asians can use chopsticks. Even though I have lived in China for a few years, I still get comments about how cool it is that a foreigner can use chopsticks. It’s like they think we have some kind of differences in hand dexterity that make it impossible. Although I have to admit the first time I ever used them my hands did get a little sore.

    You are so right about Americanized Asian food being bad. I’m moving back stateside in June, and I know I am going to go through major food withdrawal. I’m hoping I can find some good Chinese restaurants on the west coast. I’m originally from the midwest and the Chinese restaurants there are terrible since most of the patrons are non-Asian.

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