The Introvert & Extrovert – TCAI Explored

Based on previous posts, I have made the framework to fit Asian men into four main archetypes: the Technophile, Comedian, Ambitious, and Individual. These four archetypes from our AMWF Love TCAI Model. What I did not fully include was the predominance of being an introvert or extrovert.

The Introvert

Having a predominant introverted personality is not necessarily a bad thing. Introverts are blessed with a keen internal sense of the environment. Many are gifted with analytical abilities and will think of the consequences first before taking action. While people may be inclined to naturally gravitate towards the extrovert first, the introvert will be more likely to stay out of trouble.

The Extrovert

Extroverts feed off of the energies of people. They are exciting, lively, and exuberant. One of their greatest talents is their people skills. If placed in a room full of strangers, don’t worry, this extrovert will be right at home. Unfortunately being open as it is invites everyone which will result in a large filtering process.

TCAI – Introversion & Extraversion

The breakdown is as follows:

  • Technophile – Introverted / Extroverted: The gifted master of analytical skills needs time to think and process information.
  • Comedian – Introverted / Extroverted: There’s nothing like making people smile, laugh, and enjoy being around you.
  • Ambitious – Introverted / Extroverted: To be successful, you must assemble a team and lead them to victory.
  • Individual – Introverted / Extroverted: Being yourself and having a means of self-expression is what you live for.

Obviously all four Archetypes have the other traits, but I am just listing the most common types. It is absolutely possible to be an Extroverted Technophile – just uncommon.

Finding Middle Ground

As you probably know already, if you don’t make the first move, the chances are that nothing will happen – no risk, no relationship. One who is naturally extroverted will venture out into the unknown, while the introvert may sit back too long only to have missed the opportunity. The opposite does hold true as well. Being far too outgoing can label you as someone overly aggressive or insincere. Women are very intelligent, and will wisely decline your advances. With technology, information can be distributed instantaneously, thus a huge backlash may follow.

Now as Asian men, we have to find that sweet spot between introversion and extraversion. No matter which type you predominately are, you must come off non-threating and genuine to a White Female if you plan on pursing a serious long-term relationship with her. This of course does not mean having a lackluster approach, but let her know you are interested and take the chance.


  • Come off desperate, overly aggressive, and/or disrespectful
  • Have a hidden agenda
  • Pretend to be someone you are really not
  • Fiddle with your smart phone, PSP, or DS while you talk to her


  • Have a genuine caring personality
  • Let her know you are interested in her
  • Accept rejection graciously
  • Believe in yourself
  • Smile

The take home message: Identify who you are, your strengths, and weaknesses – if you are not happy with your current situation, then take the opportunity to improve it – everyday, one day at a time.

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