AMWF and Social Change in North America

After World War II, racial barriers began to lessen somewhat for the U.S. as servicemen who had fought and were stationed overseas in Asia began to return with Asian brides; mostly of Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Korean, and Vietnam. Although the AMWF was not existent at that time, this did bring about a change in the way the US viewed interracial marriages/relationships. In 1967, during the height of the Civil Rights Movement, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that laws prohibiting the mixing of different racial groups through marriage were unconstitutional (Loving v. Virginia). At that time, many states still had formal laws that forbid the marriage of whites and non-whites.. Crazy but true!

Thanks to this change, and due to the diverse nature of North America, Interracial dating and intermarriage has increased in the last century. Studies have pointed to the fact that Asians have the highest rates of intermarriage, and most Asians who marry a non-Asian have a white spouse. However, most Asian women have a non-Asian husband, but here is a rising population of Asian men who are husbands to non-Asian wives. So, as the AMWF population slowly beings to grow, I often wonder what we as a society think about it. I mean for so many years it’s been AFWM, that naturally it was bound to happen the other way… right?

I think that our generation of Asian men is no longer afraid to step outside of what was their or their parents comfort zone. Women in North American are raised to be self-sufficient and independent, and I could see how that might intimidate more traditional types of Asian men. But today, Asian men no longer feel the need to be bound to the traditions of their parent’s generation. They realize that their ability to support a family is no longer a major contributing factor in mate choice for women. They see that the different way they look, languages they speak, and foods they eat are not a deterrent to women, but actually work in their favor. I think they are beginning to see that all along that they had the opportunity to have relationships with white women, but just never had the support and encouragement to do so.

Women in North America are also going through a change. We are beginning to see Asian men as a serious option in the dating/marriage market. Not only because of the values and cultural differences that as an Asian male you might bring, but also because of the simple fact that Asian men are here! They are all over North America and are such a part of the society that why would women not consider them as an option. Deciding to date or marry someone of another race is a personal decision, and in that choice you may face more challenges than if you married someone of your own race. But in return, you have the possibility of enjoying a diversity that same-race couples will never know, and you will have an identity as a couple that millions of other couples maybe never have or experience in their lives.

When looking for love, we are beginning to look beyond race, and for that matter, beyond appearance, social status and economic brackets as well. I think that as women in North America we realize that by doing so, we can increase our opportunities to find a satisfying relationship, and Asian men are doing the same.

One Response to AMWF and Social Change in North America

  1. Zacky says:

    I am glad to see the great social change in North America. In comparison, I’ve recently found Chinese govt. tends to purposely expose some interracial relationship so as to reduce imbalanced gender ratio in China. Unlike American media, Chinese media are mostly controlled and owned by the govt., maybe Chinese govt. now also realizes that the China needs to develop some cultural diversity by promoting AMWF relationship, this can be culturally, economically and even politically beneficial to China. Also, it is definitely a win-win situation for excessive men from China and excessive white female from North America. Currently, although China has the highest economic growth rate, Chinese extremely homogeneous culture and society haven’t made China work out well in recent years, as China has a huge population base and it’s been having hyperinflation and political instability, I believe Chinese culture and society will become doomed if we don’t develop our culture well in the 21st century. Taking North America as an example, they have very diverse culture and society there, I think that’s the one of main reasons why America can still get so many creative and successful people out there.

    I believe most AMWF couples tend to have higher CQ, they are be more tolerant and patient, and many of their kids could be super smart because they can advantageously inherit and learn from both of their parents’ different merits and cultural advantages. I think all races will integrate together harmoniously one day as we all are just human, and color will eventually completely makes no difference for everyone. One of my western teachers has told me that there were many many super hot blondes willing to date with black guys in the UK in the 90’s, before that, black people were discriminated in many places, they then started fighting for their rights, and today, they are even having their first black American president, needless to mention how common BMWF relationship is, they are everywhere, at least I see many of them on the TV with white girls, black people did not only make themselves become trendy and fashionable in the west, and also it is quite common to see how successful they are in many different fields. And today, here comes to AMWF relationship, before, Asians were also faced some similar issues like black people in the west, although some racism and stereotypes still exist, we should not forget the huge progress that our elder generation made in the past. I really appreciate people who have paved roads for us so that I can have some great opportunities to meet many of my foreign and Chinese counterparts because of this topic, I mean if they could go through this issue, why wouldn’t we go through it? We should definitely learn from them, we should do the same to better our future generation. From what I’ve observed, it will become increasingly popular to see more AMWF couples around, especially for the post 90’s generation, I’ve seen many of them popping up, I think white females are just feeling free to date whoever they like today, it’s not gonna be fashionable things to have an interracial relationship anymore, probably, it’s just a socially phenomenal common thing now.

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