Why I love Caucasian Women.

A few days earlier, I had an interesting conversation with one of my Chinese guy friends. Yes I do talk to them, but usually it ends up frivolous like video games or some common event. Perhaps he was trying to play matchmaker – well, who knows. He asked me on my preferences for women.

So I told him I love Caucasian women. He was baffled. I was expecting him to ask me what I find so attractive in them, but I just received an earful from him. It was more along the lines of “why are you turning your backs on Asian women?” or “Why don’t you keep your options open?”. No matter what I told him, he had no interest in what I had to say. Yes, I made it clear that I respected his viewpoint, but he would not hear me out.

This is exactly the problem I have with Asians. What drives me up the wall is their single-minded collectivist thinking. To be an Asian male who is attracted to white females is a rarity in my city. Even hanging out a white female friend for coffee irks the older Asian patrons. Somehow there’s general acceptance for the Asian female to date a white male, but the other way around garners funny looks. Is it my fault I can hold a conversations for hours because I don’t respond in monosyllabic words?

I will say this now, and over and over again. What I find most attractive in Caucasian women are their personalities. You see, Asian women in general tend to more of the subdued submissive types. They do have a vast knowledge of popular culture, hair, and makeup, but the real conversations regarding ideals of society or just humanity in general, they have nothing to say. Not to mention stone cold Asian expression. Shoot me now. For the Asian women who are expressive or outspoken, they tend to be more on the superficial and vain side. I have no interest for your colored contacts, fake purses, dyed hair, or volatile attitude. Authenticity is what I am looking for, and it so happens a white woman is as good as it gets.

There comes a point when physical attributes in women becomes less important as how you connect with them on a more personal level emotionally and mentally. I want to know what you think and feel as a woman. I want to learn and appreciate your woman’s intuition. I want to be with someone who is  happy and proud to be a woman. A woman assertive, and secure with herself.

Would you rather be with a Caucasian woman diverse in expression and though or be with an Asian woman who permanently suffers Peter Pan Syndrome? Both answers are acceptable, but what is important for the Asian guy who is attracted to Caucasian women is that you need to take a stance, and hold to your words.

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