Don’t Think, Feel. AMWF Advice

So one random night I decided to watch one of my favorite Asian idols of the 60’s and 70’s, Bruce Lee. I would say he would be one of the early AMWF couples out there. Well, technically his mom was half Chinese, so that makes him three-quarters Asian. Still close enough. Anyways, I so happened to watch Enter the Dragon (1973) to revisit my childhood films. There was this very early scene where Bruce Lee is teaching a lesson to his pupil one afternoon. As I recall it was about him talking about feeling. This is a grey area for Asian for the most part.  The video is posted for you to enjoy:

Emotional Content

Emotional expression for Asian men can be a difficult subject to address.  I remember when I was young my mom always taught me to be stoic, because if you revealed too much of your emotions, people could seize the opportunity to take advantage of you. Yes she was correct for the general public interaction, but when you’re in a relationship with a white female, you cannot treat her like a business client. Now let’s assume you’re already in the relationship with her, to make it work you do have to make an effort to take care of her, listen and love her.

In this case the emotional part is the ability to give into the moment.  While using a primary analytical method works for many industries, this is a relationship – not a job or religion. Of course this does not mean making poor judgments, but allowing the natural instinct to take over. Every man is capable of this, but some have an easier time than others. Don’t stress out, it can be learned over time. Fortunately you are paired with someone who is highly tuned to emotional expression, your white female. By no means is it a sign of weakness when you ask her for help regarding this. She will gladly be patient with you, because you are making an effort to connect with her. Remember this is when you’re in a relationship – it will take a considerable amount of time to develop.

Definitely one of the skills as an Asian male is to develop empathy. What that means is you don’t have to cry with her when watching a sappy film. Instead, you can put an arm around her shoulder as a sign of comfort and security. You understand why the characters feel like that.  Remember, she’s not asking you to be a woman, but she wants you to be a man, to love and protect her – just be sure to reach out and bond with her. As Bruce Lee says, “Don’t Think, Feel.”

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