My Early Experiences of AMWF

Three of my experiences with AMWF.

Early Childhood Friend

Reflecting back onto my childhood life, I remember having a good friend who happened to be half Chinese and half Caucasian. Being at the tender age of 4, I would have absolutely no idea on diversity of ethnicities in Canada. Born to a Chinese father and Caucasian mother, he looked perfectly normal. We did everything a typical Asian child would do – play video games for hours. I have the fondest memories sitting on the couch in front of his basement television playing NES and Super Nintendo.

It seemed perfectly normal just to have a white mother. I really didn’t know the difference. She was very loving and caring. The only Asian thing about my friend I guess was the fact that he had a Chinese last name, and had random pictures of his father doing martial arts. Somehow that reminds of Bruce Lee, except he’s like 3/4 Chinese, and 1/4 German. Did you know that?

My High School Friend

During my time in High School, I also made a female friend who happens to be half Chinese and half Caucasian. Born to a Chinese father and Caucasian mother, she had a characteristic hair color of Half-Asians, but personality wise she was much more upbeat and outgoing. It was only natural for us to be friends seeing that our older sisters were very close friends to begin with. When I met her mother, I was treated with a lot of great genuine loving warmth and respect. I can feel the glow to her smile, and the beaming  smile of her Chinese father as well. There was much love in the family.

This is something completely different from the cold detached or superficial social graces of Asian culture. Yes I admit it. I feel the lack of authenticity when I have to use a particular tone to greet others in Cantonese.

Must be an Asian thing. It only establishes respect for social order, but does not express feelings.

My First Romantic Interest

Oh the first love – ones we never forget. My first love happened to be a Caucasian girl. I still have fond memories of it all – and I remember clearly why I was so interested in her. This girl was almost everything you could ask for, she was 5″7, athletic, slender, intelligent, caring, and respectful of others. I never felt threatened by her at all. Actually I admit that’s when I started to get my act together. She was definitely smarter than me – so I began to study harder. She could outrun me – so I started to train harder. I did everything I could to make myself better. Never did she once raise her voice at me, and I always felt that she genuinely respected me as a person. No drama or clinging whatsoever, I was in love.

Once again, meeting her mother was just as great. She greeted me warmly pointed at the $10 on the kitchen table saying we could walk over to the coffee shop. Maybe this is characteristic of Caucasian moms. What kind of Asian mother would even remotely encourage that? Sadly it came to a point where my first love was moving away permanently, and we mutually agreed it was best if we ended our relationship. Even though we’ve moved on, I still remember that as my first AMWF dating experience.

2 Responses to My Early Experiences of AMWF

  1. cheung3fung says:

    If you are stil in contact with your first love and she is still single, you still have a chance.
    Patience can be such a virtue.

    I love hearing stories about people being able to partner up with their first true love, it is like a sign of fate,
    better than hitting the lotto infinity times over.

    • AMWF Love says:

      love is a funny thing.. sometimes you just need to listen to your heart…. because sometimes that is how you honestly feel… The idea of a first love is very romantic … just like something out of a manga or K Drama…. I never knew any Asian men when I was growing up…so it could never happen to me….but for others I am sure it could 🙂


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