The Connection – the lifeline of your relationship.

Okay maybe I lied a bit, yes this is something every woman is looking for in a relationship. The point is that even as guys, we don’t truly understand the importance of a connection beyond the physical level. However this is the difference between a relationship and a great relationship. If you seriously want to be with a White female, you will absolutely need a connection.

Yes as much as they appreciate you working long hours to provide, they really just want to be happy and be in a healthy connected relationship. The greater the bond, the less likely they are to look elsewhere for it.

Tuned to win.

In most cases, women are much more attuned to their senses and in this case emotions. As children they enjoyed sharing time with their peers – socializing. Meanwhile us men were off running around burning off excess energy and working towards a particular goal. You may have also found us glued to our portable video gaming machine. We were working together with other male friends, but not to bond, but to win.

Even I admit for a time I was glued to my Nintendo Gameboy(R) as a child. Girls were complicated and video games were just so much easier to relate with. I would still enjoy many games of football or soccer during recess. Still, the development of communication skills was seriously lacking.

What is the connection?

The connection spans beyond the realm of physical. It touches into the mental, emotional, and sometimes spiritual level. At first you may feel happy being around that person, while melancholy when they are not around. Is it something instant? Yes and no. Well, no for the most part. The fact of the matter is that the connection is something established and built over time.

Where it starts

I would say the three most important things for a connection to develop requires honesty, trust, and respect. This is definitely not something forced, or faked. Women are perceptive and can sense a person not being genuine. It’s really not that hard. If your “little boy” is hanging out of your pants all the time, prepare to be immediately rejected. It’s not to say that women don’t ever think of copulation, it’s just that there is an appropriate time and place. This is just not the time to do so.


To be honest requires you to be secure with yourself. You must accept yourself as a whole. There is no need to share every single of your deepest dark secrets immediately – that takes time and trust. Yes, this will place you in a vulnerable position, but as the Asian male anything that increases your level of communication and expressiveness will win over the White female. Honesty embodies qualities of transparency and accountability. Be as honest as you can with her and she will return the favor.


Trust may take years to build up, and only moments to collapse.  To be trustworthy requires to you to have good intentions and deliver when someone has given you power. This is anything from doing a favor or keeping secrets. She does these things because she trusts you. As time passes and you do not abuse your power, you build trust.


Respect means treating her as a women, an individual, and your equal. Unlike your Asian female, the Caucasian woman wants to be heard. You may not have to agree with what she thinks or says when it comes to picking out Christmas decorations, but please try to understand her viewpoint and let her know that you respect her as a woman. It is of utmost importance that you listen to her, and not try to completely dominate her.  Otherwise you will receive a backlash of a series of unpleasant events.

Establish the three things and it will surely help your relationship.

Not a onetime deal.

This connection never stops. The day the connection is completely lifeless and all possible attempts to resuscitate life have been exhausted, that is the day the relationship ends. She will feel hurt, and helpless. Things just get worse. Comments become nagging, and then descends into a verbal match with both sides being hurt.

Why a connection is so important.

Women really do want to connect with someone, but they constantly have to put up with men who magically only a brain between their legs. Thus, she has to protect herself from these men.  A connection is meant for sharing. Yes men, you may think being in bed with her truly means you have complete intimacy with her. The truth is, you do not. Not even close. She can just as easily put on a persona to save your ego. How kind of her.  Now imagine if you bonded mentally and emotionally in addition to the physical connection. Your measly single lane road becomes  a ten lane freeway of goodness. Do I also add that the physical connection becomes even stronger as well? The point is that good things take time. You will know when you get there. Trust me.

Things you can do as an Asian male.

  • Conquer the language barrier and don’t be afraid to say what’s on your mind and how you feel. Your White female wants to know, and help you.
  • Stop whatever you’re doing for leisure and give her every single second of that fifteen minutes she deserves. This establishes a time period to connect.
  • Ask her for help. Not only are you opening up to her, you’re entrusting her to advise you.
  • Do your part and clean up after yourself.  Mild untidiness is tolerated, but sloth is inexcusable.
  • Remind her that you appreciate all the little things she does for you. Hugs or hand holding are great, but use the kiss sparingly.

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