Modernization Versus Westernization

I’ve often felt that these two terms are used interchangeably, but there is a distinct difference between the two words. Asian guys, if you plan to cross the “Great Divide” over to the Caucasian side, then this is something you have to pay attention to.


This deals with the application of contemporary techniques adapted from research.  In a tangible sense, this is done to advance society forward to benefit the welfare of society as a whole. Take for example LEED certification for buildings or the use of vegetation in walls to create a living wall. The one thing we have to remember, Modernization is mostly tangible than anything else. You can feel the weight of the MP3 player in your hand; you can listen to the latest electro hip-hop mix, or venture out to taste the latest creations at your favorite Avant-garde restaurant. We use resources external to ourselves to improve the lives of others.


While often used synonymously with Modernization, Westernization would be more of the adoption of social ideals from Western Culture. What is meant by this is the practicing of ideology of freedom, individuality, and creativity. In contrast to Modernization, this is something we have to evaluate or create compared to applying techniques.

Some Western Ideals include:

Freedom – the ability to express oneself in a non-hateful manner without having to face incarceration or any other penalty. It is the ability to have a choice, to be able to choose what to experience (assuming non-hateful).

Equality – At its best, there is no discrimination between social classes, ethnic groups, gender, etc.

Morality – there is a set of proper behaviors in society that are right and wrong.

Fairness – the distribution of resources is allocated in a manner that is most beneficial to all recipients.

Honesty – the transparency of truthfulness and the absence of cheating or lying.

How this applies to AMWF

In my personal experience, the most difficult thing dealing with Asians studying post-secondary at North American institutions is the lack of regard for others.  They will help others as long as there is an equal benefit or greater in return. This is a very big concern if you plan on being in a relationship with a White Female.

Relationships are indeed a combination of both Modernization and Westernization. The use of technology has expedited the rate of communication and information gathering considerably over the past twenty years. When it comes to the Asian Male and White Female relationship, this may become an issue. The Asian Male completely devoid of social issues needs to recognize the White Female needs much more than the provision of basic securities such as living expenses and transportation. There are social and emotional needs that have to be met. What it means is that she needs someone to interact with, someone to turn to – someone to love and comfort her. It is not to say that being well established is a bad thing, but it isn’t everything when it comes to being with a White Female.

What it means to be Westernized means having the inherent sense of societal values. Of course this is something not exactly taught in school, but is developed from experiences. Once you are past the honeymoon phase in a relationship, physical appearances play less importance over values and ideals. Your White Female will be very patient with you providing that you make a genuine effort to learn from your mistakes.

4 Responses to Modernization Versus Westernization

  1. Banana says:

    Hold on there. Freedom, equality, honesty, morals – these are all HUMAN values, one of a compassionate soul who can determine right and wrong without letting personal prejudices get in the way. It is not WESTERN, because that implies that people from all white countries are kind whilst everyone from the east are the descendants of the devil. There are just as many people in the west who lack “western” values as those in the east.

    • AMWF Love says:

      Yes that is true.

      It’s a very difficult topic to approach because the nature of the subject, however I was speaking on a normative basis – what things should be. The premise behind the article was the fact that I was in discussion with a friend about claims that one Asian country is more Western than another.

      The thing is that Asian nations will have an inherent Confucius family-order system. While there are benefits to this, the problem is with political and social restrictions, this is the only way as an Asian we know how to deal with things. Growing up, I was put through the typical rigours of Asian parenting. Yes I remember the tears and endless sobbing practing piano late into the morning, getting scolded and being locked outside as a child in freezing -20ºC weather because I was incompetent with long division (mind you I was doing math 2 years ahead of my classmates).

      Yes we have some sort of respect and humility embedded into our Asian culture, but beyond that, there really isn’t much else. Love is subordinate to having a good career, house, car(s), and money. It’s more of a status quo, “as long as it does’t affect me, I’m not going to take action” – sort of this social apathy.

      You have to make something, put it out in the open, and face harsh criticism from others. When you have to judge between two creations with equal technical ability, you then have to look at their artistic merits. It transcends the tangible. This is what I truly believe that separates someone from the East and West.

      – Brian

  2. sezratd says:

    They will help others as long as there is an equal benefit or greater in return. hahahahhaHAH..
    altHOugH I’m eMbArAdseeD To say tHIs. tHIS Is So tRuE…..

    SoRrY my KeYbOARd iS AcTinG uP.

  3. Tara says:

    I really enjoy reading this blog because of posts like this. So many blogs or boards that give dating advice to Asian guys just focus on being more confident, but ignore deeper cultural differences. I think what you say about the importance of providing for a female’s social and emotional needs cannot be stressed enough. I’ve had a couple Asian ex-bfs that just didn’t get this part. One criticized me for “showing too much emotion in my face”, which really hurt me and also pissed me off considering we were both in the US and I didn’t appreciate him telling me how to operate within MY culture. The other claimed I talked about my feelings too much. Of course, not all Asian guys are like this, especially more Westernized ones. But it can be a deal breaker to be with a guy that is like this, which is a shame since Asian guys have so many other wonderful attributes.

    After living in Beijing for five years, I’ve definitely seen the lack of regard for others. There is no such thing as Western-style common curtesy in China. But I will say that if you are in someone’s social circle, I think the threshold for imposing on someone is way higher than for a Westerner. I’ve had Chinese friends go above and beyond for me when I needed help with something. I guess what I have learned is that relationships here are primarily seen as a means of fulfilling material or safety needs, hence concepts like guanxi. Whereas in North America, relationships are primarily used for fulfilling emotional needs. The problem is that even though I understand this, I can’t get over feeling that somehow using relationships to fulfill material/safety needs seems cold and calculating. I love so much about China, but it’s things like this that make me glad I am moving back stateside in a few months.

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